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घास का मैदान
सवाना के जंगल
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  1. of a young man in Savannah, Ga ., discloses the
  2. Allen went into the crack houses in Savannah to repurchase them.
  3. The executive was in the Savannah, Ga ., airport.
  4. Savannah's mom keeps telling her to stick with him.
  5. _Candler Hospital ( Savannah ) : Wassaw Sound ( athletes)
  6. The water temperature these days off Savannah is about 65 degrees.
  7. Savannah Electric, $ 20 million of debt due in 2006.
  8. Charleston looks to the past, Savannah looks to the present.
  9. Savannah can thank founder James Oglethorpe for much of its charm.
  10. VENUE : Wassaw Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, near Savannah.
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