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  1. Additional operations may be in line with a gravure press, such as saddle stitching facilities for magazine or brochure work.
  2. Some saddle stitching, a bit of shoulder emphasis, inset belts on fitted suit jackets-- especially in the creamy off-white versions-- were both memorable and wearable.
  3. Heyl's companies, American Paper-Box Machine Company, Novelty Paper Box Company, and Standard Box Company, all of Philadelphia, manufactured machinery using staples in paper packaging and for saddle stitching.
  4. At Target in Woodland Hills, both shoppers zero in on some round gift boxes that are padded and covered in flannel and trimmed with white saddle stitching, priced at $ 13 each.
  5. His fascination with clothes dates to a pair of pants given him by an uncle for an elementary-school graduation gift . They were " kind of electric blue, and they had the saddle stitching down the side, a matching belt,"

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