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• सबखा
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  1. You can see white deposits of salt covering the surface of the sabkha.
  2. It is easy to walk or drive 4x4 vehicles across the dry sabkha.
  3. The halophytic " sabkha " type desert vegetation is predominant in Muscat.
  4. The region is dominated by a large sabkha.
  5. Legionella " isolated from hypersaline lake water from the Lake Sabkha in Tunisia.
  6. In some places, the sabkha connect to form long accessible corridors into the desert.
  7. Murshid Bazaar in Al Sabkha is well known in the area for textiles and electronics.
  8. Sabkha Ecosystems 1, 315-321.
  9. The floor of a sabkha is usually a hard-packed combination of sand, mud and salt.
  10. The Moreeb Dune, rising 120m above the sabkha, is located roughly in the middle of the picture.
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