saber meaning in Hindi

[ 'seibə ] sound:
saber sentence in Hindi
• वक्रासि
• सवार
• तलवार से घायल कर देना
• तलवार से मार डालना
• कटार
• कृपाण
• घुड़सवार
• तलवार
• तेग
• तलवार चलाना
• तलवार से मारना
• तलवार से घायल कर देना
• तलवार से मार डालना
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  1. But that was before Baghdad began its latest saber-rattling.
  2. Scars from saber cuts and gunshot wounds from head to toe.
  3. The troop movement may amount to no more than saber rattling.
  4. When sabers rattle, so do the nerves of foreign businessmen.
  5. Foil and saber fencers wear metallic jackets to register a hit.
  6. Soon, Kerkorian began rattling his saber and threatening a takeover.
  7. They know the UN is rattling the saber, threatening intervention.
  8. The saber-rattling and rhetoric has been largely for show.
  9. One pair of excited members, wielding toy sabers that go vhronn
  10. "This is saber rattling, " he said.
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  1. a stout sword with a curved blade and thick back
    synonyms:cavalry sword, sabre
  2. a fencing sword with a v-shaped blade and a slightly curved handle
  1. kill with a saber
  2. cut or injure with a saber

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