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• रूथीनियम
• रूथेनियम
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  1. Hydrogen is used to reduce ammonium ruthenium chloride yielding a powder.
  2. Ruthenium-centered complexes are being researched for possible anticancer properties.
  3. There are three main applications for thin ruthenium films in microelectronics.
  4. Typically a ruthenium seal due to the solvents used in assembly.
  5. The fission products are krypton-80 and ruthenium-100.
  6. The ruthenium nanoparticles are not always colocated with the xenon bubbles.
  7. Graphene grown on ruthenium does not typically produce uniform layer thickness.
  8. Small amounts of ruthenium can increase the hardness of platinum and palladium.
  9. A ruthenium-molybdenum alloy is known to be K.
  10. J�ns Berzelius and Gottfried Osann nearly discovered ruthenium in 1827.
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  1. a rare polyvalent metallic element of the platinum group; it is found associated with platinum

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