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  1. Strontium ruthenate behaves as a conventional Fermi liquid at temperatures below 25 K.
  2. The perruthenate ion is unstable and is reduced by water to form the orange ruthenate.
  3. Potassium ruthenate may be synthesized by reacting ruthenium metal with potassium hydroxide and potassium nitrate.
  4. Potassium perruthenate can also be produced by oxidising potassium ruthenate, K 2 RuO 4, with chlorine gas.
  5. High-quality crystals of strontium ruthenate are synthesized using a floating zone method in a controlled atmosphere with ruthenium as flux.
  6. One of the best studied examples occurs in the layered ruthenate metal, Sr 3 Ru 2 O 7 in a magnetic field.
  7. Strontium ruthenate displays some key properties of Fermi liquids, despite being a strongly correlated material, and is compared with high temperature superconductors like cuprates.
  8. "' Strontium ruthenate "'( SRO ) is an oxide of strontium and ruthenium with the chemical formula Sr 2 RuO 4.
  9. An example is the oxidation of an alcohol to a ketone by hexacyanoferrate ( III ) ion [ Fe ( CN ) 6 3 & minus; ] with ruthenate ( VI ) ion ( RuO 4 2 & minus; ) as catalyst.
  10. These include some that do not superconduct at high temperatures, such as the strontium ruthenate oxide compounds, but that, like the high-temperature superconductors, are unconventional in other ways ( for example, the origin of the attractive force leading to the formation of Cooper pairs may be different from the one postulated in BCS theory ).
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