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  1. Male effeminate expressions and rurality are generally seen as incompatible.
  2. There is a clear physical isolation that marks the boundaries between urbanity and rurality.
  3. She has aimed to highlight the problems of poverty and rurality with each position.
  4. Reflecting the rurality of the area, 65 % of homes are detached buildings.
  5. He explores themes such as childhood, nature, rurality, sexuality, love, violence, religion, mythology and history.
  6. As of 2000, Daniels County was considered the most rural county in the continental United States as measured by the Index of Relative Rurality.
  7. Cloke used 16 different ways of drawing the conclusions for his model, all of which led to the measure of an area's rurality.
  8. Although it is the terminus for London Underground's Central Line, the town retains some elements of rurality, being surrounded by Epping Forest and working farmland.
  9. When the Parti Qu�b�cois returned to power in 1998 elections until 2002 where he was briefly the Minister of Forest Management and rurality and then the Minister of Natural Resources.
  10. He has also been an invited speaker at a number of major international academic conferences on rurality, human-animal interactions, and geographies of forests, places and landscapes.
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  1. a rural characteristic or trait; "a place with the rurality of a turnip field"

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