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  1. However, the Rouzet system was used by the allied forces.
  2. The signals broadcast by the aeroplane carrying the Rouzet system were the only ones received unbroken.
  3. He skated for France with �lodie Brouiller and Scarlett Rouzet until 2008 and then began representing Israel with Brooke Frieling.
  4. She, Rouzet and the Orl�ans exiled in Spain returned to France in 1814 at the time of the first Bourbon Restoration.
  5. On land, Rouzet, from the top of the Eiffel Tower, was able to set up communications to even greater distances.
  6. Rouzet accompanied them to the Spanish border and managed to secretly join them in Barcelona where he became her chancellor, and she obtained for him the title of " comte de Folmont ".
  7. Among those engineers was Rouzet, who developed a system that proved to be extremely efficient, as revealed during a test flight lasting nearly one hour at an altitude of more than on 7 May 1912.
  8. Rouzet had died nine months before, on 25 October 1820, and she had him Coll�giale de Saint-�tienne de Dreux had been violated during the Revolution and the bodies thrown together into a grave in the Chanoines Cemetery of the Coll�giale.
  9. de Vallavieille-Pope, C, Ali, S, Leconte, M, Enjalbert, J, Delos, M, Rouzet, J ( 2012 ) Virulence dynamics and regional structuring of Puccinia striiformis f . sp . tritici in France between 1984 and 2009 . Plant Disease 96 : 131-140.
  10. After Rouzet, who after his liberation had become a member of the Council of Five Hundred, succeeded, in 1796, to secure her liberation and that of her two sons still imprisoned in Marseille, the two always remained together and lived in Paris until 1797, when a decree banished the remaining members of the House of Bourbon from France.
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