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  1. The thick, sweet aroma of rotting figs permeates the air.
  2. Which is just what he is, just a rotting corpse.
  3. Vintage costumes were rotting away in half-forgotten backlot warehouses.
  4. Imagine the odor of rotting carcasses floating merrily down the stream.
  5. A . First off, your beams are not rotting through.
  6. Leather clothing was rotting on the men's lean frames.
  7. Now one wall is sinking and the ground timbers are rotting.
  8. In one boxed window, a piece of sill is rotting.
  9. There were potatoes, but they were rotting in the fields.
  10. I have samples of bone marrow that stink like rotting meat,
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  1. (biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action
    synonyms:, ,

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