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  1. The building is distinctive for its combination of Medieval and Romanesque architecture.
  2. The three aisles each end in an apse, as in Romanesque architecture.
  3. An example of Romanesque architecture, it is a category A listed building.
  4. Groin vault construction was first exploited by the Carolingian and Romanesque architecture.
  5. By the 12th century, the abbey was a monument to Romanesque architecture.
  6. The buildings of the Field of Miracles are masterpieces of Romanesque architecture.
  7. The structure is cross-shaped with a central tower, typical of Romanesque architecture.
  8. It is a form of Romanesque architecture that contains magnificent Romanesque art.
  9. He was son of King estilo ramirense " that prefigured Romanesque architecture.
  10. The San Leo Cathedral is a Romanesque architecture church in town.
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