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  1. The six-story Romanesque campanile is from the 12th century.
  2. Its Romanesque and Byzantine lines feature twin towers with pointed domes.
  3. By far the greatest number of surviving Romanesque buildings are churches.
  4. The Romanesque builders used a number of solutions to this problem.
  5. The school and the institute are both of Romanesque Revival style.
  6. The train station of Richardsonian Romanesque style was built in 1893.
  7. The current Richardsonian Romanesque-style courthouse was built in 1904.
  8. Autun is more traditional and typical of the Romanesque portal carvings.
  9. Jacobsen referred to the architectural style as " abstract Romanesque ".
  10. It was rebuilt in 1152, in the later Romanesque style.
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