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• तरंगिका
rip:    कपड़े का फटा हिस्सा
current:    विद्युत प्रवाह
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  1. They warned the storm would stir up dangerous surf and rip currents.
  2. The writer nearly drowned at Sandy beach, Hawaii in a rip current.
  3. Normally, rip currents arise where a narrow channel exits to the sea.
  4. Rip currents can appear as a channel of choppy or dirty water.
  5. Most beaches were closed due to strong rip currents and beach erosion.
  6. Another death is blamed on a rip current off of Sanibel Island.
  7. Swells from Erin produced rip currents along the North Carolina coastline.
  8. Red flags were posted along Wrightsville Beach, warning swimmers of possible rip currents.
  9. Along the western coast, rip currents resulted in the drowning of one person.
  10. Botha single handedly pulled unconscious Geiselman though strong rip currents and crashing waves.
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  1. a strong surface current flowing outwards from a shore

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