rip cord meaning in Hindi

rip cord sentence in Hindi

• रिप कॉर्ड
• विपाटन तार
rip:    कपड़े का फटा हिस्सा
cord:    डोरी तन्तु रज्जु
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  1. It is being made by Rip Cord, who flees in a car.
  2. He put a parachute on us and pulled the rip cord ."
  3. He was pulling the rip cord before something nobody could repair happened.
  4. Parachute rip cords, ration kits, fire extinguishers, a ladder, headlights, springs, tie-down straps.
  5. "But we're about to let the rip cord out ."
  6. When it didn't, Ruel started pulling rip cords, riding waves and pecking out his book.
  7. Her husband was filming her as the rip cord on her parachute failed to open.
  8. "You know anything about parachutes ? " one shouted, tugging frantically at his rip cord.
  9. Instead, they pulled the rip cord and are selling.
  10. The nose cone was damaged and the envelope was deflated using the emergency rip cord.
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