reverse arms meaning in Hindi

reverse arms sentence in Hindi

• उल्टे शस्‍त्र
reverse:    उल्टा पल्ला पिछला
arms:    आस्तीनें भुजाएँ
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  1. Cariappa's son Nanda Cariappa lit the pyre while the Honour Guard reversed arms.
  2. Representatives of the army, navy and air force will reverse arms during the funeral.
  3. All the statues supplied by Melrose & Fenwick stand " reverse arms " except for the Cairns statue.
  4. At the border the Guard of Honour performed a drill with reversed arms, a Bugler sounded the Last Post and a Chaplain gave a Blessing.
  5. The soldier stands to attention with his head bowed and his rifle reversed; his hands are crossed and resting on top of the rifle ( reversed arms ).
  6. In the American Handgunner, an article said, " A peculiar reverse arms race is underway among the gunmakers to see who can make the smallest, lightest handgun ."
  7. Identifiably Australian with a slouch hat and " rising sun " hat badge, the little digger stands at ease with hands resting on his rifle in the reversed arms position.
  8. At 6 : 00 am on 26June, to the strains of " Dead March in Saul ", the funeral procession accompanied by the 52nd Regiment of Foot with reversed arms moved off towards London where it arrived on 3July.
  9. One feature of note with the Chalandriani variety is that the strict right-below-left configuration found in previous figures seemed to have relaxed, as some sculptures have reversed arms or even abandonment of the folded position for one or both arms.
  10. The vertical position of the radius bar is controlled in the cab by the driver adjusting the reverser which in turn controls the mechanical linkage; reach rod ( 3 ), lifting link ( 4 ), lifting arm ( 5 ) and reverse arm and shaft ( 6 ).
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