reversals meaning in Hindi

reversals sentence in Hindi
• उलटाव
• खण्डन
• तबदीली
• पराजय
• परिवर्तन
• विपर्यय
• व्युत्क्रमण
• उलट
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  1. Four years later, it's been a role reversal.
  2. Ito's reversals have not been limited to the media.
  3. The decision, though, is a major reversal for him.
  4. It was kind of a role reversal from the night before.
  5. It was a role reversal of sorts in terms of style.
  6. Tribal officials say they had nothing to do with the reversal.
  7. His position on grants would complete a reversal of federal policy.
  8. The decline was an abrupt reversal of the previous three years.
  9. Does closing these bases spell a reversal of fortune for California?
  10. Rarely can anyone honestly question such rapid-fire strategic reversals.
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