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• उत्क्रम पता विभेदन आचार
• उत्क्रम पता विभेदन प्रोटोकॉल
reverse:    उल्टा पल्ला पिछला
address:    संबोधन बोलने का
address resolution:    पता विघटन address
address resolution protocol:    पता विघटन
resolution:    दृढ़ता प्रण
protocol:    प्रोटोकोल मूललिपि
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  1. The Reverse Address Resolution Protocol ( Reverse ARP or RARP ), like InARP, translates Layer 2 addresses to Layer 3 addresses.
  2. The core protocols specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) in this layer are the Address Resolution Protocol ( ARP ), the Reverse Address Resolution Protocol ( RARP ), and the Neighbor Discovery Protocol ( NDP ), which is a facility delivering similar functionality as ARP for IPv6.

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