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निवर्तित्र या रिट्रैक्टर
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  1. retractor penis inserts at the boundary between the penis and epiphallus.
  2. Both ocular retractors give off some short anterior pedal branches distally.
  3. The retractor mechanism is powered and takes about 27 seconds.
  4. The penis retractor muscle is situated beside the right tentacle.
  5. The pharyngeal retractor is not split at its distal insertion.
  6. So far their retractors have a little more snap than the originals did.
  7. The paired pedal protractor and retractor muscles operate the animal's foot.
  8. The lophophore retractor is the muscle which controls the movement of the lophophore.
  9. The hospital lacked basic surgical equipment such as retractors.
  10. The logo of the ESSR has a surgical retractor, knife and clamp.
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  1. surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incision

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