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  1. There are now hundreds of these so-called " retractors,"
  2. It also quickly adjusts the seatbelt retractors and tensions to better protect the passengers.
  3. The digits are placed under maximal extension tension using a firm lead hand retractor.
  4. In 4th century CE, Indian physician Susruta used surgical tools such as retractors.
  5. With metal retractors, they pry the rib cage open, completely exposing the heart.
  6. An emergency-locking retractor will not.
  7. Retractor of the penis is inserted laterally.
  8. In minimally invasive spine surgery, the endoscope is often placed through the tubular retractor.
  9. In Tandonia, the retractor penis inserts at the boundary between the penis and epiphallus.
  10. Domineering individuals use lots of qualifiers, retractors, and explainers as well as interruptions.
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