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  1. In practice, the roles of restrainer and restrainee have been interchangeable between assistant.
  2. Both restrainers should be verbally urging the patient to cooperate and calm down in order to be released.
  3. For instance, if two spenders marry, one may end up the super spender while the other tries to be the restrainer.
  4. While Erik is digging trenches, Rion comes, demanding that they remove the restrainer, but Erik doesn't know how.
  5. "Once they go through the process, it becomes second hand and the restrainers don't have as difficult a time.
  6. This trick works because of a latch allowing the restrainee to come out from the back of the frame and switch places with the restrainer.
  7. Sox coach Tommy Harper, the official restrainer of Everett last year and a confidant to the troubled outfielder, said, " Carl was off today.
  8. A major piece of equipment that Grandin developed was a center track ( double rail ) conveyor restrainer system for holding cattle during stunning in large beef plants.
  9. But two government-appointed monitors said 10 people, including one woman, were carried aboard, and that four of them wore plastic restrainers around their ankles.
  10. A pH buffer, crystal habit modifier, metal dopants, ripener, ripening restrainer, surfactants, defoamer, emulsion stabilizer and biocide are also used in emulsion making.
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  1. a person who directs and restrains
  2. a chemical that is added to a photographic developer in order to retard development and reduce the amount of fog on a film

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