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  1. The Tates deal with this realization in resonantly different ways.
  2. Every detail in the performances is resonantly telling and yet organic feeling.
  3. I can stand four feet from a mic and be heard quite resonantly ."
  4. When the pole returns to a balanced position, its spout resonantly strikes a stone.
  5. In the rotating frame the spin remains still until a resonantly oscillating magnetic field drives magnetic resonance.
  6. It was a characteristic moment : quick and rather spare, resonantly topical, obviously, aggressively irreverent.
  7. NRA can also be used non-resonantly ( of course, RBS is non-resonant ).
  8. An appropriately bunched electron beam strikes excited carbon dioxide molecules resonantly in order to efficiently stimulate energy emission.
  9. The ramifications of " The Crucible " are more disturbing and resonantly modern than one would expect.
  10. Over the phone from New York, Heppner, 47, sounded resonantly cheerful as he explained what happened.
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