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  1. So what happens when the resistible force meets the contemptible object?
  2. Do you have any little quirks that could potentially make you resistible?
  3. Johnnie Taylor; " Ear-Resistible,"
  4. The unmovable playoff object against the Rangers'$ 36 million resistible force.
  5. What has happened here is that a resistible force has met a moveable object.
  6. The resistible force vs . the movable object.
  7. Although I use the Internet daily, the idea of electronic books seemed completely resistible.
  8. "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui " was presented twice on Broadway.
  9. Traditional R & B Vocal Album : " Ear-Resistible,"
  10. Commercial the walk may be; resistible it isn't, not to the hardest of hearts.


  1. capable of being resisted or withstood or frustrated; "a resistible attack"; "such resistible temptations"

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