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  1. Still, Resis said he bought more bonds today than he sold.
  2. Bonds in the supermarket, restaurant and cable industries fell, but for reasons unrelated to Greenspan's testimony, Resis said.
  3. Victor Resis, 22, who lives in New York City, was happy to take a job in the suburbs, despite the commute.
  4. It will be run by Michael McNamara and Harry Resis, co-managers of Kemper High Yield, and Dan Doyle, a Kemper analyst.
  5. "Chairman Greenspan is correct, " said Harry Resis, who manages $ 6 billion in junk bonds at Zurich Kemper Investments in Chicago.
  6. He faces stiff resis-tance, however, from fellow Republi-can Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  7. Historian Albert Resis stated that the Litvinov dismissal gave the Soviets freedom to pursue faster-paced German negotiations, but that they did not abandon British French talks.
  8. Bridgeview attorney Michael Resis said the association " deplores " what happened to Hills and took what action it could by kicking Ted Loy out of the league.
  9. In order to resis the main torsional effects due to the warped column arrangement, the core lintels above main doors feature composite solutions with a mixed use of steel elements, rebar and concrete.
  10. "Most high-yield health care bonds have gone to the promised land, " said Harry Resis, who helps manage $ 5 billion of high-yield assets at Kemper Funds in Chicago.

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