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  1. I don't care for the resiny flavor of mesquite, so I always use hickory chips.
  2. -- Juniper berries : These fat, purplish berries of an evergreen tree have a strong resiny, piney flavor.
  3. At the end of the day _ my arms scratched, my fingernails broken, my hands covered in the resiny olive residue Italians call fumogine _ I felt purified.
  4. I greatly enjoyed the resiny character of one called Havana, the peppery flavors of Nega Fulo, the hints of vanilla and chocolate in Germana and the toffee and mint of Senador,
  5. During the four-day expedition to Utah's Comb Ridge, Betancourt noted that pack-rat middens of ice-age vintage, about 10, 000 or more years old, have a milder scent than the resiny aroma of younger ones.
  6. Wipe the material with rubbing alcohol; if the alcohol dissolves the resin, it is resin, and there it not much you can do about it, even if you exposed the wood, except cut out the resiny wood or replace the offending joist.
  7. Paper masking tape is sometimes used as a pre-engraving overcoat on finished and resiny woods so that cleanup is a matter of picking the tape off and out of the unengraved areas, which is easier than removing the sticky and smoky surround " halos " ( and requires no varnish-removing chemicals ).
  8. He said this as a pair of amateur middleweights sparred in one of the two rings in the gym, their shoes scraping with an odd rhythm on the resiny canvas, their gloves thudding upon each other's leather headgear, their sweat being illuminated by shafts of gray morning light issuing down from the skylight.
  9. Also, a light salad of pousse _ baby spinach, already cleaned, thank you very much _ just dressed with a spritz of lemon juice, Malden salt and olive oil, and sprinkled with some toasted pine nuts ( that is to say, I simply tossed them into a hot dry frying pan until, just scorched with heat, their resiny aroma wafted invitingly upward ).

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