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rencounter sentence in Hindi
• टक्कर
• भेंट
• टकराव
• मुठभेड़
• टकराना
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  1. "The colonel himself was unfortunately killed in a rencounter he had with the brazen-wall regiment of horse; but notwithstanding of the deadly wounds he had received, he rooted the troop, and killed the commander thereof, though it was said, that in all the civil wars they never had been beat.
  2. "The inhabitants of Sutherland do speedily convene together with all the parts of the country; and so, under the conduct of Alexander Sutherland, John Murray, and William Mackames, they rencounter with John Mackay and his company at a place called Torran Dubh, beside Rogart, in Strathfleet, where there ensued a fierce and cruel conflict ."
  3. William Aiton ( sheriff ), author in the early 1800s of  A Treatise on Moss-earth;  General View of the Agriculture of the County of Ayr;  General View of the Agriculture of the County of Bute;  A History of the Rencounter at Drumclog and Battle at Bothwell Bridge;  An Inquiry into the Pedigree of the Hamilton Family; and an  Inquiry into the House of Aiton in Scotland,  was from Silverwood.

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