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• अंतर
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  1. Mr . Grimley was born in Law-rence.
  2. (At least I predict so _ with def'rence to you_
  3. rence with his role as the combatant commander in the0C % ftral Command,
  4. Ms . Rence lives in Appleton, Wis ., where she teaches English as a second language.
  5. Ms . Rence had been headed to France to visit another daughter, a pianist living in Toulouse.
  6. He was a member of the Law-rence School Committee in 1942-43 and 1945-46.
  7. She had hit versions of songs like " What a Diff'rence a Day Made,"
  8. REVIEW-GRANDIA2 _ ATLANTA _ Sega's Dreamcast has been decorated rence _ pulled out his big gun.
  9. The funeral Mass will be said at 10 a . m . in St . Mary Church in Law-rence.
  10. Ms . Rence then called her 17-year-old daughter and, when she encountered a busy signal, instructed the operator to interrupt.
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