rehashing meaning in Hindi

rehashing sentence in Hindi
• फेंटना
• मिलाना
• सानना
• मिश्रित करना
• मिला देना
• पुराने को नया रूप देना
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  1. "I'm not interested in rehashing the past.
  2. Rehashing ( the fumble ) is a little bit of overkill,
  3. She probably wouldn't feel comfortable rehashing it,"
  4. :: : Not much point in rehashing the argument here.
  5. It seems like you're doing such rehashing right now.
  6. Their pasts prove more interesting than rehashing those of Dalgliesh and Mishkin.
  7. After that it just keeps rehashing its mantra of excess.
  8. Do I like rehashing my problems all of the time?
  9. But there's no sense rehashing it ."
  10. Rehashing it isn't going to change the outcome ."
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