rehashed meaning in Hindi

rehashed sentence in Hindi
• फेंटना
• मिलाना
• सानना
• मिश्रित करना
• मिला देना
• पुराने को नया रूप देना
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  1. Harada and Weinbrecht, are rehashed by CBS at night .)
  2. Dunne then rehashed the process in " Monster ."
  3. It is simply rehashed, nine-month old allegations.
  4. I rehashed two or three war stories handed down in my family.
  5. His decisions are sure to be rehashed on Capitol Hill.
  6. She's rehashed Madonna on a really bad day !"
  7. It's both fresh and old, both progressive and rehashed.
  8. Negative reviews noted the novel's rehashed themes and listless writing.
  9. Besides this, the rehashed episodes are no different in any way.
  10. It's simply been rehashed to look new ."
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