refuges meaning in Hindi

refuges sentence in Hindi
• उपाय
• किला
• गढ़
• पनाह
• रक्षा
• रक्षास्थान
• वसीला
• शरण
• शरणस्थान
• सहारा
• पनाहगाह
• पनाह की जगह
• आश्रय स्थान
• यातायात चक्कर
• आश्रय
• आश्रय लेना
• शरण लेना
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  1. Costa Rica has 34 national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges.
  2. Football exposed the salary cap as the last refuge of weasels.
  3. The Tutsis from the community had sought refuge in the church.
  4. The search for a refuge is not unusual, says Butterfield.
  5. But lyrics from the song take refuge in allusion and indirection:
  6. The boxing ring is still his refuge and his only home.
  7. Jim Sutherlin, superintendent of the Murphree wildlife refuge, said.
  8. Thus, there were always enough refuges for most forest birds.
  9. Opposes plan to permit oil drilling near the Arctic wildlife refuge.
  10. These were no ordinary sixth-graders Danielle took refuge behind.
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