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प्रतीवर्त सक्रियता
reflex:    छाया प्रतिबिंब
activity:    कार्यकलाप क्रिया
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  1. The spinal cat demonstrated slight evidence of exercise pressor reflex activity.
  2. In a sample study, I found the reflex activity is near nil!
  3. In 1965 she published " Abnormal Postural Reflex Activity Caused by Brain Lesions ".
  4. Myotatic reflex activity with isotonic muscle contraction is stimulated and this loose appliance works with kinetic energy, just like activator appliance.
  5. During the First World War his studies continued as he worked with G . Riddoch to test reflex activities of isolated portions of spines subjected to gunshot wounds.
  6. They incorporated EMG in their use of a novel motorized manipulandum due to its ability to detect stretch reflex activity and thus incorporate the velocity-dependent nature of spasticity in the resulting diagnostic values.
  7. Recent research has also hypothesized arthrokinetic reflex activity as the mechanism by which hip joint mobilization can positively aid training of hip abductor torque, whereby Type I and II articular mechanoreceptors inhibit or facilitate muscle tone.
  8. The court found, on a balance of probabilities, that he had indeed suffered an " epileptic equivalent . " He had been unconscious, with " neither judgment, will, purpose nor reasoning . " The stabbing was a result of " blind reflex activity . " There was no intention to kill.
  9. H-reflex is analogous to the mechanically induced spinal stretch reflex ( for example, knee jerk reflex ) . " The primary difference between the H-reflex and the spinal stretch reflex is that the H-reflex bypasses the muscle spindle, and, therefore, is a valuable tool in assessing modulation of monosynaptic reflex activity in the spinal cord . " Although stretch reflex gives just qualitative information about muscle spindles and reflex arch activity; if the purpose of the test to compare performances from different subjects, H-reflex should be used.
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