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  1. Wear a helmet, use bike reflectors and wear bright clothing.
  2. Dogs and cats have reflectors inside the eye that magnify light.
  3. The complex-reflector headlamps are huge and all-seeing.
  4. Inspections continue . ( Bryant, Daily Reflector ) WITH PHOTOS.
  5. Mary Schulken is editorial page editor for The Greenville Daily Reflector.
  6. Column writing _ Mary C . Schulken, Greenville Daily Reflector.
  7. Commentary written by the editorial staff of the Greenville Daily Reflector.
  8. There are sections with little or no shoulder and no reflectors.
  9. Telescopes come in three types : reflector, refractor and compound.
  10. The reflector is a spherical reflector, not a parabolic reflector.
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