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  1. Celsius goes from zero to 100, Reaumur from zero to 80.
  2. Mr . Reaumur invented it in 1730 and it's still used in France.
  3. The contest was set up after the creation of the rue Reaumur made in 1897.
  4. It's the Reaumur Reaumurconversion, which is a scale, just like Mr . Fahrenheit's.
  5. The earliest methods of preservation of birds for natural history cabinets were published in 1748 by Reaumur in France.
  6. Among them is " The Construction of the Rue Reaumur, Paris " ( 1906-1908 ), a bright, busy scene of workmen helping horses drag heavy materials across the burgeoning road as decrepit buildings stand guard.
  7. Scientists have been fascinated by regeneration since the 1700s, when a French scientist, Rene-Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur, for whom a temperature scale is named, noticed at the fish market that some crayfish had legs that were not the same size.
  8. Temperature, on the other hand, has a known minimum, absolute zero ( where all vibrational motion of atoms ceases ), and therefore, can be measured either in absolute terms ( kelvins or Reaumur ) or the lowest temperature attainable in 1724 ( Fahrenheit ).
  9. Private secondary school institutions include " �cole du 2nd Degr?G�n�ral Priv�e Rene Reaumur ", " �cole G�n�rale et Technologique Priv�e Lafayette ", " �cole du 2nd degr?professionnel priv�e CTRE PRI ENS SOINS ESTHETIQUES ", " �cole du 2nd degr?professionnel priv�e EC INTERNATIONALE DE COIFFURE ", " �cole du 2nd degr?professionnel priv�e ECOLE DE BIJOUTERIE-JOAILLERIE ", and " �cole technologique priv�e ITECOM INST TECHN COMMUNIC ".
  10. "' k . "'" Si se pudieran apurar m�s las observaciones microsc�picas, a�n m�s all?a lo que las adelantaron Malpigio, Reaumur, Buffon y Needham, quiz?encontrar�amos en la incubaci�n, desarrollamiento, situaci�n, figura, movimiento y duraci�n de estos corp�sculos m�vibles, la regla que podr�a servir a explicar toda la naturaleza, grados, propiedades y s�ntomas de todas las fiebres epid�micas, y en particular de la Viruela " ( Biblioteca de Autores Ecuatorianos de Cl�sicos Ariel, 22 ).
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