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  1. Polytetrafluoroethylene has good heat resistance whilst reaming a good insulator.
  2. Angioplasty is the process of reaming out the plaque that can restrict blood flow to the heart.
  3. Can we imagine Liddy Dole reaming out Boris Yeltsin if he calls asking for more free dollars?
  4. ;Reaming : The sizing operation that removes a small amount of metal from a hole already drilled.
  5. The operation attempts to prevent strokes by reaming out blockages in the arteries that carry blood to the brain.
  6. Waterjet cutting is used in various industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping, and reaming.
  7. According to Cuomo, the song " explains how The Plan is reaming us all, especially my brother ."
  8. Some brands manufacture pliers ( i . e . Ideal ) with a narrower jaw, suitable for reaming smaller conduit.
  9. It is also used on a lathe to hold drilling or reaming tools for machining a hole in the work piece.
  10. The initial type was reaming of existing 6-pounder Model 1841 guns to 3.80 ", then rifling.

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