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  1. He privately reamed out Michael Irvin for once missing a plane.
  2. I think the art world got reamed out by the'80s.
  3. Their cylinders were reamed from bore and the boiler pressure reduced from.
  4. It got so bad Toledo reamed his defensive staff early in the week.
  5. Three weeks ago she had a triple bypass and a carotid artery reamed.
  6. The judge reamed out the federal officers.
  7. Clogged or constricted airways are reamed cleaner than if you had snorted a handful of Drano.
  8. Steel dowel pins are tolerances, as are the corresponding holes, which are typically reamed.
  9. This is the mayor who publicly reamed out parking boss Bill Maher because he talked about parking meters.
  10. Pitino would have called a timeout when the deficit hit 16 and reamed the team during the break.

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