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• चतुर्थक शीतज्वर
quartan:    चतुर्थक
ague:    जूड़ी शीतज्वर जूडी
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  1. He had long been suffering from a quartan ague, as well as gout and kidney stones.
  2. Bolton died, after a lingering sickness of a quartan ague, on Saturday, 17 December 1631, being then in his sixtieth year.
  3. Bradshaw was elected MP for Cheshire in the Third Protectorate Parliament in 1659 . During the same year Bradshaw moved to Westminster after falling dangerously ill with a'quartan ague'or malaria.
  4. For a long time he was held in vague esteem for the success of his cooling ( or rather expectant ) treatment of smallpox, for his laudanum ( the first form of a tincture of opium ), and for his advocacy of the use of " Peruvian bark " in quartan agues, in modern terms, the use of quinine-containing cinchona bark for treatment of malaria caused by " Plasmodium malariae ".
  5. In one passage ( Amm . 19.12.14 ), Ammianus describes the Christian emperor Constantius II's attempts to prosecute cases of magic under treason laws, in particular the death penalty applied to those men who were condemned simply for wearing an amulet to ward off diseases : " " si qui remedia quartanae vel doloris alterius collo gestaret " " ( " For if anyone wore on his neck an amulet against the quartan ague or any other complaint " ).

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