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• चतुर्थक
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  1. Hartung believed that he had an eye ailment known as trachoma and quartan malaria.
  2. He had long been suffering from a quartan ague, as well as gout and kidney stones.
  3. Worst of all, on 22 December, Cardinal Cervini left the Conclave, suffering from a quartan fever.
  4. Bolton died, after a lingering sickness of a quartan ague, on Saturday, 17 December 1631, being then in his sixtieth year.
  5. I just noticed a Wikipedia article called Quartan prime, which means a prime number of the form a ^ 4 + b ^ 4.
  6. Several treatments are listed for quartan fever ( " quartanis ", probably Marcellus whether a sequence of treatment is meant or a series of alternatives offered.
  7. Bradshaw was elected MP for Cheshire in the Third Protectorate Parliament in 1659 . During the same year Bradshaw moved to Westminster after falling dangerously ill with a'quartan ague'or malaria.
  8. After Sir Robert Cotton's death in 1631 James remained in the service of his son, Sir Thomas, at whose house in Westminster he died early in December 1638 of a quartan fever.
  9. The classic symptom of malaria is quartan fever ) for " P . malariae " . " P . falciparum " infection can cause recurrent fever every 36 48 hours, or a less pronounced and almost continuous fever.
  10. Both Plasmodium vivar ( benign tertian ) and Plasmodium fakiparum ( malignant tertian ), along with a few quartan forms of the infection were reported in spite of " determined, well-organised, and scientifically controlled measures of prevention ."
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  1. a malarial fever that recurs every fourth day
  1. occurring every fourth day (especially the fever and weakness of malaria); "quartan malaria"

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