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• चतुरस्र खंड
quadrate:    वर्गाकार
lobe:    परलिका भाग रिल लौ
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  1. These separate the right lobe in two smaller lobes on its left posterior part : the quadrate lobe and the caudate lobe.
  2. Gross anatomy traditionally divided the liver into two portions  a right and a left lobe, as viewed from the front ( diaphragmatic ) surface; but the underside ( the visceral surface ) shows it to be divided into four lobes and includes the caudate and quadrate lobes.
  3. A large irregular edged pinkish-brown patch extends on the dorsum from the base to beyond the middle and reaches more than half across the wing, with a broad quadrate lobe almost reaching the median costal spot, a small round whitish spot in the middle of the dorsal edge of this.

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