pure tone meaning in Hindi

pure tone sentence in Hindi

• शुद् ध टोन
• शुद् ध स्वरक
• शुद्ध टोन
• शुद्ध तान
• शुद्ध स्वरक
pure:    ब्रह्मचारिणी
tone:    सरगम के दो सुरों का
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  1. Again, la Cour made no claims of transmitting voice, only pure tones.
  2. But to sing those songs with just pure tone is inartistic ."
  3. There are two types of tones : pure tones and complex tones.
  4. That's mostly been replaced by the pure tones of a CD player.
  5. The 3100 Hz pure tone T-3 sound woke up 56 % of participants.
  6. The left speaker suddenly begins to produce a sharp pure tone.
  7. Violins, horns, harps _ their pure tones floated on the air.
  8. It is easier to tune other instruments with this pure tone.
  9. The song is an almost pure tone, modulated into chirps.
  10. He never claimed or produced a device capable of transmitting speech, only pure tones.
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  1. a steady sound without overtones; "they tested his hearing with pure tones of different frequencies"

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