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  1. Eradication of the liver stages is achieved by giving primaquine.
  2. Like primaquine, tafenoquine causes hemolysis in people who are G6PD deficient.
  3. Standard treatment is concurrent treatment with chloroquine and primaquine.
  4. Pamaquine is more toxic and less efficacious than primaquine.
  5. G6PD deficient persons are also sensitive to several drugs in addition to primaquine.
  6. Like primaquine, tafenoquine causes hemolysis in people with G-6-P deficiency.
  7. It languished, however, until the push for malaria elimination sparked new interest in primaquine alternatives.
  8. Mass-treating populations with a primaquine can kill the hypnozoites, exempting those with G6PD deficiency.
  9. He said they were now supplementing the drug with another, primaquine, hoping for a better response.
  10. Pamaquine is therefore no longer used and the only drug currently recommended by the World Health Organization is primaquine.
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  1. synthetic antimalarial drug

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