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  1. More institutional investors are going to influence share price behaviour, he continued.
  2. The price behaviour of a callable bond is the opposite of that of puttable bond.
  3. The price behaviour of puttable bonds is the opposite of that of a callable bond.
  4. He subsequently worked in technical analysis, where he showed the price behaviour of many index composite stocks is easier to understand than that of the index.
  5. Recent research positions have ranged from the relationship between a company's stock and their cost of capital, while also studying theories on asset price behaviour and equity returns.
  6. One academic study ( Heffernan, 2003 ) found that demutualised societies'pricing behaviour on deposits and mortgages was more favourable to shareholders than to customers, with the remaining mutual building societies offering consistently better rates.
  7. Modern economics is largely a " price science " ( a science of " price behaviour " ), in which economists attempt to analyze, explain and predict the relationships between different kinds of prices using the laws of supply and demand as a guiding principle.
  8. The economists " assumed " all sorts of things about an economy and economic actors, in order to build models of price behaviour; Marx thought " those assumptions themselves " needed to be looked at and theorised consistently, based on insight into the historical formation of economic categories.
  9. Here, the separate concepts of product-values and product-prices are regarded as essential for a theory of market " dynamics " and capitalist competition; it is argued that price behaviour in aggregate cannot be understood or theorised about at all without reference to value-relations, explicitly or implicitly.
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