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present:    काग़ज़ नज़र
address:    संबोधन बोलने का
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  1. Now its present address is 615 Alabang-Zapote Road, Almanza, Las Pi�as City.
  2. The school, from year 5 onwards, was shifted to its present address.
  3. The pharmacy was relocated to its present address in 1924.
  4. A new building located at its present address ( Brgy.
  5. The club moved to Green Street, in Mayfair, and, in 1896, to its present address.
  6. It didn't become Rose Bowl until 1923, when it open for business at its present address.
  7. If Fairway were a huge discount toy store, it would be legal in its present address.
  8. At 39, Oates believes he still has much to contribute _ just not at his present address.
  9. In 1969, the company moved out of central London to its present address and headquarters in Bracknell.
  10. The Gray House was purchased in 1910 by Allen Cox, who moved it to its present address the same year.
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