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[ 'pitiŋli ] sound:
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  1. "They're so bored ! " he exclaimed, peering pityingly out the window.
  2. "When did we become such an unforgiving people ? " he mused self-pityingly.
  3. "You should have worn track bottoms, lah ! " a worldly Melanie observed pityingly.
  4. The students, however, just look at him pityingly and ask him when he plans to leave.
  5. Mugabe left it to aides to pityingly characterize the clergyman as " quite unwell " or " mad ."
  6. Robert De Niro's world-weary consultant gazes at her pityingly before she can even say " phenomenon ."
  7. The section ends with Ophelia in tears, as Lilith ( with her newborn sister in her arms ) smiles at her pityingly.
  8. As the tapes played, Simpson sat at the defense table, pursing his lips, looking downward solemnly, shaking his head almost pityingly.
  9. One subject describes how his entire family is deaf, except for a hearing cousin, whom he pityingly calls " poor thing ."
  10. Asked why one would not stay home to enjoy such things, a nephew explained pityingly that men went to Mille Lacs to get away from home.
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  1. in a compassionate manner; "the nurse looked at him pityingly"
  2. in a compassionate manner; "the nurse looked at him pityingly"

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