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  1. A philanderer is not a good occupant for the White House.
  2. Tim was also a perpetual philanderer until Diana finally left him.
  3. Carle and Matson agree that one indiscretion does not a philanderer make.
  4. It didn't even sound like that of your everyday philanderer.
  5. Instead, he'll be remembered as a philanderer ."
  6. But a philanderer, they say, does not a murderer make.
  7. He always made it clear that he was a philanderer.
  8. Brochant believes Christine has gone to Pascal Meneaux, a notorious philanderer.
  9. Webster had been described as " thief, liar and philanderer ".
  10. Paolo proved to be a philanderer, and Hilary eventually left him.
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  1. a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them

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