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  1. Corelli leaves Antonia, his mandolin, with Pelagia for safekeeping.
  2. St . Pelagia had a racy act that a local bishop saw.
  3. Corelli has eyes for Pelagia the moment he sees her.
  4. Before long, Pelagia forsakes her fiance to take up with Corelli.
  5. Son of : Ferdynand RadziwiBB and Pelagia Sapie | anka.
  6. Pelagia meets a young fisherman named Mandras, and they rapidly become engaged.
  7. SS Januarius and Pelagia were said to have been martyred in the town.
  8. His mother, Mary Pelagia Coppens, was a gifted pianist and singer.
  9. Pelagia's letters to him go unanswered.
  10. Yet Corelli does not return, though Pelagia is convinced she sees his ghost.

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