peddled meaning in Hindi

peddled sentence in Hindi
फेरी लगा कर बेचना
फेरी लगाकर सामान बेचना
फेरी लगा कर बेचना
फुटकर बेचना
गपशप करना
तंग करना
फेरी लगाना
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  1. Naturally, they would try to peddle such events to television.
  2. Amway has begun to peddle perfume and honey-glycerine soap.
  3. The themes are campaign finance reform and influence-peddling lobbyists.
  4. Peddled pass defense coast-to-coast and back again.
  5. "We weren't peddling this around,"
  6. Gangs of renegade East Europeans peddle stolen weapons-grade plutonium.
  7. Cabinet ministers wearily await regular accusations of influence peddling and nepotism.
  8. Go to Oakland should the resume-peddling La Russa leave.
  9. Morissette broke into the charts peddling a rage beyond her years.
  10. But restaurants sometimes find it harder to peddle sweatshirts than swordfish.
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