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  1. And adverts can be written with no peacockery.
  2. Original account is a SPA adding OR / peacockery to Cheap Thrills ( song ).
  3. The Hermes tie _ the ultimate sign of late-1980s peacockery _ would be too much.
  4. Articles by fans can be written with a lot of peacockery without any real intention of advertising.
  5. Understand that I'm not interested at all in adding fancruft, peacockery or weasel-wordage.
  6. Peacockery is an example of positively loaded language; negatively loaded language should be avoided just as much.
  7. I just reverted an edit at and noticed a slow motion edit war involving the addition of uncited peacockery by on October 1.
  8. There's also a heavily promotional AFC draft created recently that manages a lot of minimally sourced peacockery while whitewashing her notorious business dispute with Hirschfeld.
  9. Since Ian Rose closed the last nom on October 26, Dan56 has made no effort to clear the article of close paraphrasing, plagiarism, and peacockery.
  10. It's all about showing yourself, a peacockery culture _ the absolute manifestation of the pre-eminent religion in the United States _ the religion of looking good.
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