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  1. Al Gore and George W . Bush play it pathologically safe.
  2. He was needy and pathologically afraid of solitude and being disliked.
  3. Addison described Kaczynski as " almost pathologically shy ."
  4. Pathologically paranoid, he adds new life to conspiracy theories.
  5. Civilization is revving itself into a pathologically short attention span.
  6. Her father was pathologically self-centered, Ms . Salinger says.
  7. The new leader is almost as pathologically anti-American as Milosevic.
  8. Chronic Western diseases are associated with pathologically increased IGF-1 levels.
  9. At pathologically dangerous concentrations, this is known as dimethylsulfidemia.
  10. He noticed that each autistic movement is caused by pathologically heightened arousal.
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  1. with respect to pathology; "pathologically interesting results"
  2. with respect to pathology; "pathologically interesting results"

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