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• पार पत्र
pass:    प्रवेशपत्र हालत
port:    पुर्तगाली मदिरा
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  1. Longer excursions pass Port Almanza and Mackinlay Pass to Martillo Island, home to a Magellan Penguins'rookery.
  2. If so, it would have meant applying for another visa and pass port, either of which could take up to a year.
  3. The accident happened around 3 : 45 p . m . along the Rio Grande, about a mile east of the old Eagle Pass port of entry, Jones said.
  4. Court findings were that " Powatan ", in confused signals, had cut across " Telena's " course rather than pass port to port with the responsibility for the collision resting entirely with " Powatan ".
  5. At that occasion, care taker Emanuel Bergman from Bor�s pointed her out to be the same person as a certain  Passannicka ('Pass Port-Annicka'), who had previously been subjected to physical punishment for crimes committed in Bor�s and exiled from that city.

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