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• निर्गम क्षेत्र
output:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
area:    क्षेत्र क्षेत्रफल
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  1. Many local businesses advertised in super output area in Devon.
  2. The Output Area Classification is now supported by a user group here.
  3. A good example of this is the Output Area Classification ( OAC ).
  4. It has become the important coal and cement output area in Hubei Province.
  5. The local areas for which the index is calculated are super output areas.
  6. The Indices of deprivation 2004 are measured at the Lower Layer Super Output Area level.
  7. Meeting those conditions allows the transparent matrix to convey the radiation to the output area.
  8. Earlier proposals to introduce Upper Layer Super Output Areas were dropped due to lack of demand.
  9. This is because Output Areas are built around residential populations and make analysing workplace statistics difficult.
  10. Commonly, census data are used and scores are calculated at the level of census output areas.
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