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  1. Open channel flow meters measure upstream levels in front of flumes or weirs.
  2. The tank effected a transition between open channel flow and a lead pipeline.
  3. The volumetric discharge, Q is typically used in open channel flow calculations.
  4. This equation is used both for open channel flow as well as in pipe flows.
  5. The weirs are intended to measure no more than 35 % of the pipe's open channel flow capacity.
  6. The diagram at the left shows some parameters and terminology used with a sharp crested weir for open channel flow rate measurement.
  7. Unlike most other flumes used for open channel flow measurement, the Palmer-Bowlus flume can be calibrated by theoretical analysis.
  8. The v notch weir is one type of sharp crested weir for which background information is given in Open Channel Flow Measurement 1.
  9. In open channel flow, the wetted perimeter is defined as the surface of the channel bottom and sides in direct contact with the aqueous body.
  10. In an open channel flow, this manifests as the fast flow rapidly slowing and piling up on top of itself similar to how a shockwave forms.

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