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open access sentence in Hindi

खुली पहुंच
open:    मुंह खुला मैदान
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
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  1. In this case, the seller was not able to determine when the product was altered, and it appears likely the book was defaced before it ever reached the seller's inventory. At our request, the seller is instituting more stringent quality control over its incoming stock. Also, Amazon.com has suspended the seller from listing any copies of the Qur'an on our site for the indefinite future, though they are free to sell all other books. As a bookseller, we believe that offering customers open access to written speech is one of the most important things we do. We place the utmost value on providing customers the ability to partake of any and all viewpoints and ideas freely, without scrutiny or judgment by others. We know firsthand that the ability to share ideas can foster greater understanding among and between people of all faiths and religions. Thank you for your comments. It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects of shopping at Amazon.com .
    8. अमेजन को मुस्लिम काउंसिल को दृढ़ता पूर्वक उसकी मांगें मानने से इंकार कर देना चाहिए.वेल वेदर के अमेजन पर कुरान बेचने के अधिकार को फिर से बहाल करना चाहिए साथ ही न तो मुस्लिम काउंसिल को कोई मुआवज़ा देना चाहिए और न ही घटना की सार्वजनिक निंदा करनी चाहिए.

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